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Easy Search

You can search RTCGD by entering a mouse gene symbol or a gene name. You can also get the entire gene list of transposon and retrovirus integration sites by leaving the textbox blank and clicking "Go".

Model Search

You can search RTCGD by tumor model and/or tumor type. Please select model and/or type of your interest, and then click "Go".

Interaction Search

If you find a gene of your interest by using Easy Search or Model Search, you can search gene-to-gene interaction by using this tool. This tool displays the genes which reside in the same tumor of your gene. Please type a mouse gene symbol in the text box below and click "Go"

The information in the RTCGD was obtained from trace sequence comparisons to public genome assemblies UCSC genome mm9 browser (Mouse July, 2007) and UCSC genome mm8 browser (Mouse Feb, 2006).

To cite this database for journal publication, please use following references:
  1. Stable URL: http://variation.osu.edu/rtcgd
  2. RTCGD: retroviral tagged cancer gene database
    Nucleic Acids Research (2004) 32: D523-527